Little Blue Penguin Nesting Sites

The photo below shows typical coastline where Korora / Little Blue Penguins nest. You may be suprised that the urban coastline is home to many penguins.
We are monitoring the temperature of korora burrows around the Taranaki coast as we want to know when penguins are at home.
The burrows are all around Taranaki, and the locations are disguised to prevent interference .
The temperature of the burrow tells us if a bird is present. A pink penguin icon shows an unoccupied burrow, whilst a blue penguin indicates that a bird is at home.
Cick on the penguin icons to see links to burrow temperature information.You will see the daily temperature graph. Line 'A' (blue) indicates the air temperature, and the burrow temperature is red.

An infra-red burrow-camera is watching the burrow 'F' (top right) and you can see live footage at 'Penguin Cam, Project Mounga'

"Finding Little Blue" is a Curious Minds citizen science project. See more about the monitoring here: 'Finding Little Blue'
Visit "Project Hotspot" to read more about other threatened wildlife, and how to record any penguins or footprints which you find.'Project Hotspot'

Nga Motu Marine Reserve Society